Twisted SisterYou've seen the Osbournes swearing at each other and attacking the neighbors, you've watched Gene Simmons and his family trying to function in a dysfunctional environment. Now it's time to see what Twisted Sister frontman Dee Snider and his brood do when their dad's not dressing in drag and delivering the rock.

Their new A&E reality show, 'Growing Up Twisted,' will debut on July 27. But don't expect to see rock star tantrums and exercises in indulgence, because Snider's clan is a relatively ambitious and well-behaved batch.

His oldest son, Jesse is an aspiring vocalist who also wants to write comics, do voice-over work and play semi-pro football. The next oldest brother is Shane, a comic actor and aspiring comedy writer. Then there's Cody, a writer/director and filmmaker. And last comes Cheyenne, a precocious 13-year-old who is interested in music and fashion. 'Growing Up Twisted' also features Snider's wife Suzette, who has been married to the rocker for 34 years and is an FIT graduate, clothing designer, professional hair and makeup artist. "She's been working with my band Twisted Sister since day one. She was literally 15 years old when I met her," Snider recently said.

Snider, who expects A&E to want his family on the air for many months to come, said his show is interesting because it depicts a rock star behind he scenes, but away from the clichés of sex, drugs and outrageous antics.

"The fascination is seeing people out of their element," Snider said. "You see us on stage -- you see us at work, and you can't imagine that there would be any degree of normalcy in our lives, That we would do things that regular people would do. And therein lies the curiosity: What goes on behind the scenes? I have yet to see the reality show of the rock star [who's a] partying, whoring it up, drug-taking vampire. So you get him in there, and he's f---ing chicks, he's getting high, he's drinking his ass off, he's puking and we say, 'Yeah, that's what we thought he would do.'"

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