Since his time as the make-up wearing, lady clothes donning frontman of Twisted Sister, Dee Snider has been the face of hair metal's most punk band. And with the recent announcement of Donald Trump's fifth season of 'The Celebrity Apprentice,' Snider's inclusion in the cast will surely kick up some dust ... and some cash.

Recently speaking to Rolling Stone, the 'We're Not Gonna Take It' singer dished on his changed perception of the famed real estate mogul. "This may be an image killer for [Trump], but every person in the cast will tell you that he is gracious, welcoming, considerate and self-deprecating. He jokes about his hair and his assets when the camera is off. He has his persona, but it definitely changed my opinion of him."

Snider also spoke highly of his male teammates, 'American Chopper's Paul Teutul, Sr., 'Hulk' fame Lou Ferrigno and Arsenio Hall, saying that they gel together far easier than the women's team. "A lot of these guys aren't apprentices. They're smart guys, successful guys. Business guys. They're iconic."

The heavily permed vocalist also spoke of his previous role in Broadway's 'Rock of Ages,' now set to become a moving starring Tom Cruise. When asked if the veteran actor could actually play the part, Snider responded "Tom's a great actor and I've seen pictures . . . but he looked a little too Nineties for me. He looked a little bit like the singer in Creed rather than the singer in Poison, but I hear he does a great job. Also, he insisted on being the star of the movie. That role on Broadway is a supporting role. They had to re-write the script for him. Now it's just 'based off the musical.'"

After two decades of remaining in the spotlight through reinvention, Snider's wry commentary and business prowess live on through countless VH1 Classic segments, and now one of NBC's most popular shows. The singer explains that life wasn't always easy though: "Now that I've patted myself on the back, I will balance it out by saying that I wish it was by design. But it was 90 percent desperation. It's waking up in '92 or '93 flat on my back broke and going, "What the f--- now?" If you were wishing that Dee Snider shine away from the spotlight, there's really no chance now. He's in it to win it.

Donald Trump Announces Season 5 'Celebrity Apprentice' Cast

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