Hardcore label Deathwish has always gone against the grain. The imprint continues that tradition with its new hoodie and t-shirt designs, which combine the worlds of MMA [Mixed Martial Arts] and hardcore punk.

Deathwish leader, Converge frontman, and visual artist Jacob Bannon has created a hybrid design for British welterweight fighter Dan 'The Outlaw' Hardy and Boston hardcore sourpusses Blood For Blood. The 'Bonded By Pain' graphic fuses the iconic visual elements of Blood For Blood and Dan 'The Outlaw' Hardy into one simple but wearable design that's suitable for MMA fans as well as hardcore kids.

"I've been a fan of Blood For Blood for many years," Bannon told Noisecreep about why he chose to work with the band. "In the mid '90s, when Sheer Terror slowed down, there was a hole on the world of gruff, no-frills hardcore, and Blood For Blood filled that void and then some. The band oozes the underdog mentality that defines our city and it's hardcore community. Dan Hardy as a fighter also carries many of those same traits, and he is an avid fan of punk and hardcore."

"[Hardy] even has two Blood For Blood tattoos," Bannon revealed. "Bringing the two together through Deathwish seemed like a natural thing to do."

Check out the t-shirt and hoodie designs here and here.

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