Longtime TV game show Jeopardy! welcomed death metal into its vernacular of clues Monday (Nov. 11) when bands Morbid Angel and Obituary appeared as answers indicative of the headbanging genre.

The clue cropped up during the "Final Jeopardy!" round of the Tournament of Champions episode that started this week with the following hint: "Morbid Angel and Obituary are popular bands in this genre." While contestant Kyle Jones chose the clue, it was participant Dhruv Gaur who provided the correct response in the form of the question, "What is death metal?" He shrugged his shoulders after, implying he took a guess and was excited to learn he was right. See the Jeopardy! clue and watch a video of the exchange below.

The category that contained the clue was called "'D.M.' Me." The death metal answer was worth $800. Gaur, who hails from Gainesville, Georgia, is a student at Brown University. Jones is a music teacher from Aurora, Colorado. However, neither won the game Monday — the current Jeopardy! champion is Chicago librarian Emma Boettcher.

It's not the first time a strain of rock music has shown up on the program. Slayer, Rob Zombie, Foo Fighters, and even Panic! at the Disco and Fall Out Boy have been used as fodder for Jeopardy! clues in the past. Not to mention the times the show included Megadeth, Five Finger Death Punch, Corey Taylor and other notable rock performers.

Elsewhere during Monday's show, host Alex Trebek got choked up by one of Gaur's Final Jeopardy! responses that showed appreciation for the presenter. Trebek was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer earlier this year.

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