Former Korn drummer David Silveria has said that he has not listened to one new Korn song in its entirety since his departure from the band, which initially began as a temporary hiatus in late 2006.

"I have not listened to a single song full through since I left Korn — honest to God," said Silveria to Hablas ROCKas (transcription via Blabbermouth) when asked for his opinion on the music the band has made without him. Even if a song came on the radio, the drummer managed to avoid listening, which he clarified, by adding, "I'd be pulling up places in my car and on the station there would be Korn, and I would just turn it off."

"I can't name one Korn song [from the albums I didn't play on]," he affirmed.

Silveria did note that this is not intended as a slight against Korn and that he holds no ill will toward the band.

"No offense to Korn — I don't hold any grudges or whatever — but I just haven't listened to any of their music since I've been gone… It wasn't out of spite or anger or anything like that. For some reason, I wasn't interested in what they were doing. I had people tell me and describe their music and all that, but I've never listened to a whole song… And I definitely don't mean that in any kind of insulting way. I just haven't," the drummer went on.

Silveria's final studio appearance with Korn came on 2005's See You On the Other Side and, since then, Korn have released six additional full-length albums, the latest being 2019's The Nothing. At the tail of 2006, the drummer entered what was originally billed as a temporary hiatus from the band, as they performed with guest drummers in his absence before making the addition of Ray Luzier behind the kit permanent.

In June of last year, Silveria attributed his termination from the band to a back injury and a lack of communication.

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