David Crosby has once again taken to Twitter to share unsolicited opinions on other artists, this time referring to Iron Maiden as "noise." Testament's Alex Skolnick caught wind of the tweet, however, and had the perfect response to challenge him.

The conversation started when composer Vin Downes tweeted about his recent experience at an Iron Maiden concert. "I cannot explain how much fun this was. My inner metalhead is still smiling. Last time I saw them was in '86... they're still as tight as ever and put on an amazing show. Wow," he wrote in the post, which included a video snippet from the performance.

"It's so weird to me that you like that noise," Crosby wrote a quote tweet.

Listen, everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but "that noise" that Maiden creates has them continuing to sell out venues around the world over four decades after they formed. Skolnick built upon this point by writing, "David, it has to be experienced live. The energy is contagious. Let Vin Downes drag you to one of their shows sometime. You might be surprised!"

The Testament guitarist certainly didn't intend to stir the pot, however another user on Twitter replied to his comment to Crosby insulting the folk musician. Skolnick tastefully replied to this person as well, adding, "We can disagree with his opinions on heavy metal (which are nothing new) but still respect he’s an extraordinary musician. Had issues, sure, but pulled it together. Croz’s recent work is top notch. I’m not aware of other 'foursome' guys doing new music on that level."

Check out the series of tweets below.

Another instance where Crosby created a bit of a ruckus was after the death of Eddie Van Halen in October of 2020. Upon being asked his opinion of the guitarist, Crosby replied "meh," and just about everyone went buckwild over it. Skolnick actually spoke up then, too, asserting that Crosby could have simply acknowledged Van Halen's importance to music regardless of whether he liked the music or not. Crosby later noted that he didn't intend to insult anyone.

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