Want to knock back a drink in honor of Dave Mustaine's birthday? You will have the chance. The Megadeth leader has just posted a new video invite revealing that he's planning to celebrate his birthday with the release of the new A Tout Le Monde beer.

In the video above, we focus in on Mustaine as he's cleaning the stables and he humorously turns to the camera and proclaims, "You may know me from Twitter." He continues the pitch stating, "This year, I'm turning 55, and you know me, I like an excuse to have a party and to celebrate with my fans with my own beer. I guess you can say I've done my fair share of drinking in my life, so believe me when I say this beer is the real deal."

Mustaine and Megadeth partnered with world-class brewery Unibroue to create the A Tout Le Monde beer and he says his upcoming party is "gonna be one for the ages." "We'll get to hang out and you'll be the first to taste my brand new beer. And, of course, there's gonna be loud music -- very loud music."

Details on the event will be revealed shortly, but for now, Mustaine suggests taking the day off (and the day after) to come meet him on his birthday, which you can mark on your calendar as Sept. 13. And you can stay up to date on A Tout Le Monde beer by signing up for updates at MegadethBeer.com.

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