Dark Tranquility

In addition to being a geek with a affinity for 'Star Trek' episodes, Dark Tranquility vocalist Mikael Stanne is also Mr. Mom. "I am a stay-at-home dad," Stanne told Noisecreep on the eve of the release of 'We Are the Void,' due out via Century Media later this winter. "That is my other job. I have a daughter and she is turning 6. So that's what I do. We have extreme weather here right now, so it is chaotic, snowy and the traffic is at a stand till. But I am out playing and riding sleds and making snowmen. That's really metal, I know."

Non-metalness of snowman building aside, Stanne enjoys taking care of home and hearth while his wife works. He said, "When I am on tour, things change. It's a good thing, since I spend a lot of time at home, and then I spend a lot of time abroad, as well. I cook and clean and do dishes. I like it actually. I like staying home and cooking. It's a nice change of pace and contrast to what goes on the road. I distance myself totally from that type of life when I am off the road. It's nice to disconnect for a while. It's like 100 percent home or 100 percent on the road."

Dark Tranquility will release 'We Are the Void' in March, but will head out on tour with Killswitch Engage and the Devil Wears Prada in February for a winter trek. "This is first time we've toured in two years, so I am dying to get back to the States and I am really looking forward to it. Then we go home, rehearse new material, another seven weeks as headliners, playing all over the place in the U.S.," the vocalist said.

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