Formed in 2009, Dark Sermon dish out a particularly relentless brand of metal. It's no surprise really, since the quintet hail from Tampa, Fla., a region traditionally known as a hotbed for extreme music. None other than Deicide, Morbid Angel and Death, among many others, have all called Tampa home throughout the years.

Dark Sermon will be releasing In Tongues, their debut album for eOne/Good Fight Entertainment, on March 26.

To help celebrate the upcoming album, Dark Sermon vocalist Johnny Crowder to take part in our ongoing 'Five Albums That Changed My Life' series.

The Curse, Atreyu (2004)

"I bought this record in seventh grade from FYE. I don't remember much about it besides the fact that it made me want to learn to shred. In no time I looked up the tabs to just about every song and holed up in my room for months trying to learn them."

Steal This Album!, System of a Down (2002)

"A friend of mine left this CD in my Walkman on accident in middle school. I decided to check it out, and it was hands down the weirdest and most unique album I had ever heard. This was my first taste of more aggressive music with screaming, and I loved every second of it. This paved the way for Slipknot."

Vol. III: (The Subliminal Verses), Slipknot (2004)

"This record was my "foot in the door" as far as heavy music goes. Although this was seen as their most mainstream album, it was far from mainstream for me. This amount of passion, aggression, and pain being put into music astounded me. Slipknot has definitely influenced my creepy side, and I continue to look up to that band. Corey Taylor is the best frontman I have ever seen, and I doubt anyone will ever top him."

Nailed. Dead. Risen., Impending Doom (2007)

"This record was honestly the first "heavy" CD that I ever bought. I had no clue that this was a style of music, or that making those noises was a style of vocals. I had never heard of death metal before, or anything of the sort. I decided then and there that I wanted to become a vocalist. I still to this day admire their vocalist for his range, control, and presence."

The Somatic Defilement, Whitechapel (2007)

"This and the above record really paved the way for me as a listener and a vocalist. Those two bands were some of the first to come out of the gate with that kind of style, and they played a large part in shaping the genres into what they are today. This album is undeniably heavy, and when it came out, I saw both Whitechapel and Doom at a 250 cap venue in my hometown. It's amazing to see how far they both have come."


Dark Sermon's In Tongues will hit stores on March 26. Pre-order the album on Amazon today!

Watch Dark Sermon's 'In Tongues' Video

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