Noisecreep readers surely remember the time Glenn Danzig got punched in the face by North Side Kings singer Danny Marianino. The incident happened backstage after a 2004 concert in Tuba City, Ariz. Marianino said that after the show was delayed, the former Misfits frontman cut the night short before North Side Kings got to perform. After some heated words, Danzig shoved Marianino who then punched him back, knocking him to the floor. Someone in North Side Kings caught the altercation on video (seen below) and it quickly became a viral sensation within the metal and punk worlds.

Just when we thought the North Side Kings vs. Danzig saga was over, Marianino has just announced that he's working on a book about the infamous night. Don't Ever Punch a Rock Star - A Collection Of Hate Mail & Other Crazy Rumors profiles "a regular guy's journey in music and learning to shrug off one of the most opinionated events in music history," according to a report on Blabbermouth. Head to the book's official Facebook page for more information. [Blabbermouth]

Watch Danzig Get Punched in the Face

DevilDriver loves the smell of Napalm (Records) in the morning! They were free agents for a hot minute after parting with longtime label Roadrunner, but are off the market having signed with Napalm Records. A new album is due out in 2013. Frontman Dez Fafara commented, "I am proud to announce DevilDriver's new partnership with Napalm Records! They have the passion and the drive we as a band were looking for! I'm looking forward to working together on DevilDriver's next release! Hail the groove!" [Via Press Release]

The Company Band, featuring members of Clutch, CKY, Fu Manchu and Fireball Ministry among their "corporate" ranks, are streaming the new, bluesy jam 'House of Capricorn' online and for your listening enjoyment.The song appears on Pros & Cons. Pros & Cons, a five-song EP due out on July 31. Turn it up and take a listen. [Antiquiet]

Model Bobbi Brown, the ex-wife of late Warrant singer Jani Lane, is penning an autobiography. She appeared in Warrant's still-discussed video for "Cherry Pie," which was big in the early '90s. The tome is called Sex, Drugs and Cherry Pie and will detail her life as an '80s video vixen (rawr!), a beauty pageant winner and, of course, as the wife of a rock star. It drops next year. [Via VH1 Classic Radio]

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