Talking up his forthcoming covers record, Danzig has made clear his philosophy on reworking other artists' material: Unless he can take a song somewhere new, he's not interested.

While any tune crooned in Danzig's signature lounge-demon style is bound to sound distinctive, he's pulled off an especially radical remake with "Devil's Angels," the first single from the new album. (Listen below.)

The theme song to a 1967 biker film of the same name, the original is a prime example of guitar great Davie Allan's trashy, fuzzy, poppy style. Danzig adds defiant lyrics and Misfits guitars, changing the soundtrack tune into an anthemic '70s-punk cut.

Elsewhere on the covers collection, Danzig will tackle songs by Black Sabbath, the Rascals and Elvis, as well as one of the vintage garage-rock classics featured on the popular Nuggets compilations, reports.

Listen to Danzig's "Devil's Angels"

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