Glenn Danzig reportedly canceled his performance during the Blackest of the Black Tour stop in Minneapolis due to low ceilings. Although the venue in question, the Cabooze, was deemed "appropriately dingy, dark, alcohol-soaked" by Minneapolis alternative weekly paper City Pages, the "ceiling wasn't high enough" for Danzig to perform, according a rep from the venue.

"I thought it was all about rock 'n' roll I had no idea it had to do with the f---in' 15-foot ceilings," said disheartened longtime Cabooze employee, Michelle Metz. "We lost several thousand dollars we're never gonna recoup, between the hospitality, the ads, the runners, the people to pick up at the airport."

Metz claimed Danzig was in a bad mood from the moment they picked him up at the airport, and he opted to cancel his performance before the venue had the chance to open their doors or give concertgoers word that he wouldn't be playing.

Although the rest of the bands on the bill -- which included Possessed, Marduk, Toxic Holocaust and Withered -- still performed, both the fans and the folks who put on the show were left wondering about Danzig's behavior.

"I don't think he sees it, I don't think he feels it. I think he feels good about himself," Metz concluded. "I don't know if the room wasn't big enough for his ego or ... I don't know where he was coming from with the ceiling thing. He's too old to do gymnastics, I didn't get it. I can't even wrap my head around it. It's so convoluted."

The Cabooze refunded disappointed ticket holders who ultimately got to see a pretty amazing lineup for free. The Blackest of the Black Tour is continuing on and concludes on Nov. 20 in Anaheim, Calif.

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