That "no photo, no video" rule at Glenn Danzig's "Danzig Legacy" shows isn't a polite suggestion: It's an ironclad rule. Nashville Scene photographer Michael W. Bunch learned that the hard way on Saturday, as the Misfits legend spotted him snapping pics -- of dancing fans, evidently -- and bounded off the stage, making like he was going to rush into the crowd.

Bunch was sure "Danzig was going to kick [his] ass," according to colleagues at Nashville Scene, but security intervened, and the hulking singer stormed off to cool his jets. He later returned to finish his set, which included songs from Danzig, Samhain, and the Misfits.

In the YouTube video below, Glenn can be seen standing by a guardrail and cursing at Bunch. It's lucky Danzig didn't see whoever was shooting the video -- then things could have really gotten ugly.

Watch Danzig's Bonnaroo Meltdown

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