Just like most people, Danko Jones has good days and bad days on the job. The nights his eponymous band are going to spend opening for Clutch are definitely a bonus.

"I'm a huge Clutch fan," Jones told Noisecreep via telephone from his Toronto home. "When we got the offer, we were really happy about that. I've been a fan for a super long time. My favorite album is ['Transnational Speedway League: Anthems, Anecdotes and Undeniable Truths']. I also like 'The Elephant Riders' and 'Pure Rock Fury.' They're one of those solid bands that you can pretty much rely on. Over the years, they've gotten little bluesier and rocky, so it's cool."

Vocalist/guitarist Danko Jones and his band, which also includes bassist John Calabrese and drummer Dan Cornelius, will hit the road in support of their forthcoming album 'Below the Belt,' which hits stores in May. He is most looking forward to seeing Clutch perform every night, something he's only witnessed once.

"I was only able to see them once, ever," Jones said. "I just stood in the back and I smiled through the whole show. This is f---ing amazing. But getting to watch Clutch every night, seriously, that is it for me. Just the chance to tour with a band that I've really liked for a long time. It's those tours that I really like. When we get to tour with a band that I listen to on my personal time, it just makes working that much easier.

"The band is our job. This is our job. We do this as a job. This is how I make my living. Sometimes it's shit just like any other job. When you can make it better in any small way, it makes things go that much smoother and that much easier. Touring with Clutch will definitely make things a lot more easier, just as a fan getting to watch them."

On the jaunt, which runs from March 30 through April 18, Danko Jones is only going to perform one or two songs from 'Below the Belt.' Modestly, Jones said fans can expect a top-notch concert during their 30- or 40-minute set.

"The greatest rock 'n' roll show you've ever seen," Jones said. "That's what you can expect. I've never seen a show myself. I don't really watch them back. I've seen a couple of shows and I've seen clips on YouTube as well. I don't really watch it too much. It's weird. It's just weird watching yourself. I don't really do that too much. You end up getting too self-critical, then you start second guessing yourself. I prefer not to."

Danko Jones tour dates

3/30 -- Portland, ME -- The Asylum

3/31 -- Burlington, VT -- Higher Ground

4/2 -- Traverse City, MI -- Ground Zero

4/3 -- Columbus, OH -- Newport Music Hall

4/5 -- Rochester, NY -- Montage Music Hall

4/6 -- Flint, MI -- Machine Shop

4/7 -- Flint, MI -- Machine Shop

4/9 -- Dekalb, IL -- Otto's

4/10 -- Madison, WI -- Majestic Theatre

4/11 -- Des Moines, IA -- People's Court

4/13 -- Colorado Springs, CO -- Black Sheep

4/14 -- Fort Collins, CO -- Aggie Theatre

4/16 -- Lincoln, NE -- Box Aesome's Bourbon Theatre

4/17 -- Springfield, MO -- Remmingtons

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