Danko Jones are what some might call a band's band. The Canadian power trio's five studio albums can be found on tour buses across the world, and the group counts rockers like Axl Rose and Lemmy Kilmister among its fans. Lemmy, as well as a cadre of Hollywood actors, appears in 'I Think Bad Thoughts,' Danko Jones' latest music video. Featured on Danko Jones' 2010 album 'Below the Belt,' the song stomps with a slithery riff and heavy metal parking lot-ready chorus.

Fortunately enough, Noisecreep got its hands on exclusive behind-the-scenes footage from the shoot for 'I Think Bad Thoughts,' Danko Jones' new star-studded music video. The clip features everyone from Elijah Wood to the Karate Kid himself, Ralph Macchio. We asked Danko (yes, he shares his name with the band) how they hooked up with the actors featured in the video.

Watch the video for 'I Think Bad Thoughts' (Behind the Scenes)


Who directed the video and why did you choose to work with them?

Josh and Jason Diamond directed our three latest videos from [the album] 'Below the Belt.' We've known the Diamonds for a few years now since both our bands have played together. They are in an amazing band called Puny Human out of NYC, and I even sang on a track of their last album.

When we uploaded 'Full of Regret' to our website before the record came out last year, Josh reached out to us and asked if they could direct the video. We untied a few loose ends, put the project in their hands, and went out on tour. We'd get updates while out on the road that Elijah Wood was on board, and then they got Selma Blair. It was a little surreal. It's still wild to think it all came together.

How did you hook up with the actors in the video? Were they fans of Danko Jones?

Elijah Wood was the first person to come on board. He's good friends with the Diamonds and had known of our band for a few years through the brothers. Once Elijah was on board, Selma came on board too through the producer.

Once we knew they were both gonna do the video, we felt more at ease approaching Motörhead and getting Lemmy to be in it. Luckily, he was in LA recording the new Motörhead album so he came down. We were also lucky that Mike Watt (Minutemen, fIREHOSE) was in town and came down, despite his busy schedule, to be the bar-tending narrator / Sam Elliot character. We've played shows with Watt while he's been in The Stooges and Dos, and we've toured with Motörhead. Both Lemmy and Watt hit it out of the park, by the way.

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