Longtime uber-tech, Philadelphia-based death metal band Starkweather have resurfaced. After releasing 2005's 'Croatoan' via Candlelight Records, the band will release a split with France's Overmars and a full-length entitled 'This Sheltering Night' through Deathwish, the label owned and operated by Converge singer Jake Bannon.

The split features two songs, the seven-plus minute epic 'Armed Memory' and the 14-minute 'Nightmare Factory,' the latter of which was originally slotted for inclusion on 'Croatoan' but was shelved due sub-par recording quality. A release date has yet to be determined for both the split and the full album.

'This Sheltering Night' was recorded at various sessions throughout 2007 and 2008. It'll include six Starkweather songs, titled 'Bustuari,' 'Epiphany,' 'All Creatures Damned and Divine,' 'Broken From Inside,' 'Martyring' and 'One Among Vermin,' as well as soundscapes from other musicians.

The album can be played as a continuous, 74-minute piece or as individual tracks. Vocalist Rennie Resmini effectively summed up the record, telling Noisecreep, "We desire to focus negative energy into sound. 'This Sheltering Night' is testament to the mission statement."