Remember that time when Creed covered Meshuggah live in concert? No?!? Where have you been? Anyway, we have video evidence that it actually happened (sort of).

There's something magical about manipulating live Creed footage and adding a completely separate audio track. If you don't believe us, just type "Creed Shreds" into YouTube. We especially recommend Creed Shreds 3 and 4.

Anyway, Loudwire reader Trevor Davis tipped us off to his own Creed creation. Taking footage from Creed's 2009 concert film, 'Creed Live,' the audio has been scrapped and replaced with Meshuggah's 'The Demon's Name Is Surveillance' from the Swedish band's 2012 full-length, 'Koloss.'

The Creed video has been cut so well that it truly does look like the band is performing the extreme metal track. The use of fire, a chaotic light show and quick, zooming cuts heightens the fantasy even further. Since the clip of Creed "covering" Meshuggah is short, we're fairly certain that you'll be hitting that replay button more than a few times.

Check out the hilarity for yourself in the video above!