Selling 35 million records is nothing to sneeze at. The music industry and the way records are sold have changed dramatically since the mega-platinum Florida band Creed split in 2004 after the release of 'Weathered.' There is no denying the band's reunion tour and new album 'Full Circle' will inspire tons of Creed diehards to tailgate in the parking lot while waiting for the band to perform this summer, in addition to generating interest from the young rock fans who missed the band on its initial go-round, due to the fact that they were too young to experience it firsthand.

"We have the luxury of coming back to our established fanbase and the opportunity to win over a new fanbase," guitarist Mark Tremonti told Noisecreep. "I hope the kids that heard the songs on the radio their whole lives but were too young to go to see us in concert will come out and see what the hype is about! We don't want our music to just be something that they connected with because of their parents!" As for how Creed will address the shrinking of CD sales? "New albums are a tool to do tours," Tremonti said.

Drummer Scott Phillips also chimed in, "Hopefully, the newer fans will feel that they now have a record for them with 'Full Circle.'" The band is in full writing mode for the new album, which will be produced by Howard Benson and is expected to be released by longtime label Wind Up Records before the summer tour, which starts on August 6.

Tremonti, Phillips and bassist Brian Marshall, who formed Alter Bridge in the wake of Creed's demise, also want to reassure fans that even though Creed have reformed, Alter Bridge will continue on as well!

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