Few bands are more fundamentally antithetical to the world of high fashion than Crass.

It's with no small degree of irony, then, that the upstart U.K. clothing company Hardware has co-opted -- or ripped off, if you prefer -- the seminal anarcho-punk group's logo.

As Cultpunk.org reports, Hardware has plastered an approximation of Crass' circular emblem on various high-priced items, among them sleeveless hoodies that retail for more than $100.

On its website, Hardware advertises hand-printed garments whose designs "encompass surface decorate with a dark sharp and sinister edge." If that mission statement sounds at least somewhat ideologically aligned with Crass' DIY ethos, it's hard to imagine the feminist band getting behind the company's Whorewear line.

Oddly enough, this isn't the first time fashionistas have nicked the Crass insignia, and A-list British footballer David Beckham once wore a T-shirt featuring a sequined version of the logo. What's more, Cultpunk.org points out, the store Forever 21 recently hawked what appeared to be replicas of the homemade Flipper T-shirt Kurt Cobain rocked on a 1992 episode of 'Saturday Night Live.' The company eventually pulled the item, the website Exclaim.ca reports, but not before enraging punk purists across the Internet.

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