"There's something about the band that's really interesting and sort of an energy and atmosphere surrounding the band which just makes people want it to go on," singer Simon Cruz told Noisecreep when discussing his new gig with Crashdïet. "If we can find the same energy as Crashdïet originally had, I think it will be a big hit. I feel we've sort of found the attitude Crashdïet had from the start. That's what inspired me as well. I'm happy to be part of that."

Crashdïet might be the best band you've never heard. The Swedish rockers are a little bit 'Appetite for Desutrction'-era Guns N' Roses and a whole lot of unique. In fact, Crashdïet became the first glam band signed to a major label (Universal) in about a decade.

The band has a complicated history. Crashdïet's 2005 debut, 'Rest in Sleaze,' is considered a landmark in glam metal. Instead of riding the wave to fame in Scandinavia and the rest of the world, the band was faced with crisis: original singer Dave Lepard committed suicide in 2006. Instead of ending the band, the rest of the members forged ahead, recruiting new singer H. Olliver Twisted. With Twisted, Crashdïet released 'The Unattractive Revolution.'

When Twisted didn't stick and chose to leave the band, fans thought Crashdïet was done for good. A year later, the band was back with their third vocalist Simon Cruz. With Cruz, Crashdïet will release 'Generation Wild' in April. While Cruz's voice is close to Lepard's in terms of tone, things didn't just fall into place. In reality, the remaining members of Crashdïet knew they wanted Cruz, but the singer wasn't as sure. In fact, Cruz asked if he could bring in another guitarist and when the rest of Crashdiet declined, Cruz thought that was the end of the issue. Time passed and Cruz eventually did audition for Crashdïet. Part of the process involved long days of songwriting.

"If the writing wasn't working, I wouldn't be in this band," admitted Cruz. "If I wasn't able to create songs with them and the creative flow isn't as good as it has been, it would be a different situation. We had a long period of writing songs together and going out partying and drinking and doing whatever you do as a band before we decided what we were going to do."

All told, the founding members of Crashdïet have written around 50 songs with their new frontman. 'Generation Wild' was recorded at lightning speed -- in just ten days. In fact, it's that speed that lets Cruz know he has a special chemistry with his new bandmates. He says that chemistry is going to help Crashdïet going forward, just as it has held the band back in the past.

"I think it's chemistry, and [Twisted] wasn't very involved with the writing," Cruz pointed out. "That obviously takes away from what you feel for the songs if you're not involved in writing them ... you're not gonna put a lot of soul into it. I guess it's a lot to do with feeling what you're singing and expressing the aggression and frustration from normal life. It's the ability to express that in a real way. People feel that. If you are honest and you feel what you're singing, you're gonna notice a difference somehow. I think we've achieved some of that. I think the album has come out really good."

Crashdïet will play the Stockholm Rock Out festival this May alongside Kix, Tigertailz, Great White and more.

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