Cradle of Filth will tour as part of the Creatures From the Black Abyss package, blackening North American with Nachtmystium, Turisas and Daniel Lioneye in tow. Cradle will support their new album, 'Darkly, Darkly Venus Aversa' on the wintery tour.

Cradle often tour during the bitter winter months, and while the music suits the bare, deadened landscape, vocalist Dani Filth told Noisecreep that the band is "not particularly fond of" touring those months. He continued, "I'd much rather tour in summer. When we did Ozzfest that one year, playing in Arizona at height of summer? That was a bit too much. Winter gets a tad miserable, but I guess I like it nonetheless."

He also loves American Cradle of Filth tour dates because he can stock up on toys and not for his daughter, either! "I always come home with millions of toys," Filth admitted. He picks up things like those creepy Living Dead Dolls and boasts that he has 120 in his collection. "They sleep in my bunk," he said with a laugh. "I sleep in the aisle."

Dani also said the band always picks up a variety of odds and sods while on tour -- at Walmart of all places. "At the end of the night, we turn up at Walmart, everyone spends their [per diem] on junk," he said of the band's propensity to waste their daily tour wages at America's superstore. "We like to go to Walmart. It's the highlight of the day off, really. If you can't get to a mall or a Best Buy, which is also great, we go to Walmart."

He said the band often stumbles through the aisles post-show, smeared with makeup and sporting mussed hair. "It's like 'Return of the Living Dead,'" he said of the band mixing with shoppers in the wee hours.

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