Courtney Love and Vince Neil don't have much in common, other than the fact that they're both lightning rods for controversy. Now the firebrand singers have one thing that connects them. The grunge rock queen filled in for Neil when he was forced to bail on a gig at Fashion Week in New York due to a lost voice.

Neil was set to perform at ONE Model Management's 10th anniversary party at the Hiro Ballroom on Tuesday, Sept. 6. However, he got sick and canceled his performance, so it was Love to the rescue. She performed with her band Hole.

Love was not without her controversial comments during the set, as she dedicated the song 'Skinny Little Bitch' to her daughter, Frances Bean Cobain. Mother and child are on the outs and have been for quite some time. That didn't stop Love from declaring "I'm so glad she didn't get that nose job" about her 19-year-old daughter. Just in case you were wondering, Love didn't perform any Mötley Crüe covers.

Watch 'Skinny Little Bitch'

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