Slipknot's upcoming tour will be one to remember, according to frontman Corey Taylor, who has teased that the band are "dusting off" some of their old school songs for the run, as well as some that their fans have been wanting to hear them play for a while.

During a Q+A at the Mad Monster Party convention last month, Taylor was asked if concert attendees can expect to hear any songs that have never been played live before during the Knot's upcoming tour.

"I will tell you this — you're gonna see some songs that haven't been played live in a very long time, straight up," the singer said. "I just redid the set, and we're dusting some stuff off, and we're bringing out not only some old school shit, but stuff that people have been asking for for a long time. I'm gonna make them play it."

After ending his response with a laugh, fans started shouting out some Slipknot songs that they're hopeful to hear, including "Scissors" and "Custer." According to, Slipknot have only played those two tracks 90 and 171 times live throughout their touring career, respectively, whereas "(sic)," "Surfacing" and "Spit It Out" have been played over 900 times.

We pulled some data from their tour statistics last year and concluded that at the time, there were 33 songs that Slipknot have never performed during a show before. There was only one from their 1999 self-titled album, "Diluted," and all of the songs on Iowa have been done live. So, we'll have to see which "old school" songs Taylor was alluding to when they kick off their tour later this month in Fargo, N.D. with In This Moment and Jinjer.

See the full tour schedule here, and watch the full Q+A below — elsewhere during the discussion, the singer revealed his all-time favorite Metallica song.

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