Corey Taylor has launched an online wrestling video game on his official website.

There, one can use virtual contenders based on songs from Taylor's recent CMFT solo album to combat a character depicting the entertainer and longtime member of Slipknot and Stone Sour, or vice versa.

Indeed, the game's contestants in question comprise the likeness of Corey Mother Fucking Taylor himself, another one called Billy "Black Eyes" Blue, a wrestler named Culturehead wearing a colorful masked reminiscent of Lucha libre, and a red, devil-horned adversary known as Howie 666.

It looks a lot like an old-school Nintendo or arcade wrestling video game, and it's available to play now on Corey Taylor's site. However, the game isn't reachable on its own — one must sign in through an Apple Music or Spotify account to compete, which entails giving away some user privacy rights.

That means agreeing to some specific caveats contained within Atlantic Records' terms and conditions. By way of Spotify, for example, it gives Taylor's parent record label, Warner Music Group, the access to view one's Spotify account data, look at their activity on Spotify, and it allows the company to take actions in Spotify on one's behalf. If that sounds like a fair trade, feel free to take a crack at the virtual CMFT championship belt.

"There can only be one champion," Taylor enjoined on Tuesday (Oct. 6) via his various social media outposts. "Battle for the #CMFT Title Belt and claim it as your own. Connect through @Spotify or @AppleMusic to begin."

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