Masks are one of the most popular accessories of 2020 thanks to the coronavirus pandemic. But they've always been a staple in Corey Taylor's world, and he recently showed off a new addition to his collection on a segment of the show Adult Swim. 

The "Williams Street Swap Shop" is a community-like Adult Swim special where viewers can swap goods with each other and partake in contests. On a recent episode, which consisted of viewers showing off their masks, the Slipknot and Stone Sour frontman was the featured guest.

Taylor's argument in support of wearing masks is that if he can wear one that covers his entire face for hours while he's performing and screaming at the top of his lungs, then people should be able to wear one for a few seconds while they run into a store and do other small tasks.

He eventually put his signature We Are Not Your Kind mask on, and then whipped out another surprise. "I found this in a shop in Lima, Peru. And it was actually on what they call the highest point in South America," Taylor said as he held up a new mask. "I saw it and I thought, 'This is really, really cool.'"

He then put the skull-like mask on over his Slipknot mask, and voila. As he sits in his new face armor, he judges other viewers' mask submissions.

Later in the episode, things get a little more weird as the vocalist has to sing lines given to him about kitchen appliances, for a fabricated band called Fridgey and the Burners. You can watch the clip below, and the full episode here.

Corey Taylor on the Williams Street Swap Shop

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