The love fest between Corey Taylor and City Morgue's ZillaKami continues with Taylor now serving as the first voice you hear on ZillaKami's new Dogboy album.

"This is Corey Taylor and you're turning into Dogboy Radio," states Taylor, providing the intro for the lead track "Chewing Gum" off the album. The "great big mouth" does not appear any further, though ZillaKami's aggressive approach definitely has some Slipknot-esque attitude to it. Check it out in the player below

Corey Taylor Intros ZillaKami's "Chewing Gum!"

The two musicians have shared their mutual appreciation for one another over the years. Taylor shouted out City Morgue's "Arson" for fitting his mood in a 2019 Instagram post, while ZillaKami is just one of many musicians to turn up in the video for Taylor's "CMFT Must Be Stopped" off of Taylor's 2020 CMFT solo album.

ZillaKami has also gone on record sharing his love of Slipknot's self-titled album, revealing that he was turned onto it in middle school after catching them on MTV.

"I kind of wanted to make music very similar when I first heard their shit. I wasn't really a hip-hop fan in the beginning, that was a later progression. I was into nu-metal and hardcore. The face of nu-metal to me was Slipknot," said the rapper in a past interview with Revolver. "I think it's the perfect mesh of rock and rap. A lot of the time, that genre is corny as shit, but that was one of the only times that genre wasn't corny as shit. Literally, that was the only thing I didn't find super corny."

The rapper has also gone so far as to get a Corey Taylor tattoo of his mask from the Iowa era, as can be seen via a previous Reddit post.

ZillaKami's Dogboy just arrived this week.

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