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Comedian Don Jamieson, who will release an album called 'Live and Hilarious' via Metal Blade on April 26th, is a funnyman who also happens to love metal. Jamieson also co-hosts VH1 Classic's 'That Metal Show' and incorporates his love of metal into his stand-up stage act. Despite the intertwined nature of metal and comedy in Jamieson's life and work, he isn't entirely sold on parody metal bands.

"Whenever you do any kind of parody of metal, there is a fine line and you have to know where it is," Jamieson told Noisecreep. "You can be funny about metal, but there is a certain line you cannot cross with fans. They don't want to see it goofed on. I am not a fan of the Steel Panther thing; they are making fun of what we embraced in the '80s. They play the songs great, but they are goofing on music that I love. You go and see their shows, and there are no metalheads in the audience."

Life keeps imitating art and vice versa for Jamieson, who is moving back to the Jersey shore area. "I am going to be living two blocks from Jerry Gaskill of King's X," Jamieson revealed. "We will be jogging buddies." While Jamieson isn't sure if their jogging sessions will generate much source material for his act, he did say the venture should "help two old bastards stay thin."

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