More news has emerged in the saga of Coheed and Cambria bassist Michael Todd, who was busted for armed robbery of a pharmacy in Attleboro, Mass. on Sunday, July 10th. Todd was arraigned in court on Monday, July 11th. In case you missed the headlines and the hoopla, prior to a gig opening for Soundgarden, Todd held up a drugstore, claiming he had a bomb. He grabbed six bottles of the popular (and addictive) painkiller Oxycontin, hopped in a cab and headed to the Comcast Center for the show. He never made it to the stage, as he was arrested after cops tracked the cab.

Todd was charged with robbery and unlawful possession of prescription drugs and

on Monday when he appeared in Attleboro District Court, where the charges against him

were read. He did not enter a plea and his bail was increased to $25,000. It was initially set for only $10,000, reports the Sun Chronicle newspaper of Attleboro. Todd must return to court to answer the charges on August 9th.

Coheed and Cambria have temporarily replaced Todd as they continue their tour dates. We hope Todd gets help for his painkillers addiction and we salute the band for going about their merry way. It's not every day that you get to open for Soundgarden or have to deal with your drug-addled bassist committing a serious crime while on the road.

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