Clutch have confirmed Earth Rocker as the title of their next studio effort, which will drop in March 2013 via their own Weathermaker Music.

Vocalist Neil Fallon offered an update, saying, "Last minute overdubs are fun. Harmonicas, tambourines (yes, we use those), claps, the odd backing vocal. Recording can be monotonous, so those unintended moments can be a lot of fun. It's kind of like kindergarten music class, but with beer. And sometimes the spontaneity of a last ditch idea breathes a lot of life back into a song that we've been beating up for weeks on end. A looming deadline can be a great muse!"

He also shared some insight on how the album sounds, saying, "It has a lot in common with Blast Tyrant in that Machine's production techniques are really unique. It differs from Blast Tyrant and a lot of other Clutch records in that, overall, the songs are faster and concise."

Guitarist Tim Sult added, "As far as the composition of the songs go, this is the heaviest and fastest Clutch album to date."

That notion is music to our earthly rocking ears. [Via Press Release]

Napalm Death are selling exclusive, Sean Taggart-designed t-shirts on their upcoming tour. They recruited Taggart since they loved his work on Agonostic Front and Crumbsuckers album covers.

Bassist Shane Embury said, "As everyone should know, we grew up on a steady diet of the musically extreme, be it death/thrash metal or hardcore punk! Two album covers stood out to us back in the day more than any others as being both satirical and serious at the same time--those being Crumbsuckers' A Life of Dreams and Agnostic Front's Cause for Alarm. To me, those album covers capture my youth and enthusiasm for what has now become our lives: playing the music we love all around the world. So with this tour coming up with Municipal Waste in the U.S., we thought to ourselves, 'Why not get in touch with Sean Taggart---the man behind those covers and all of the awesome flyers from CBGB's back in the day---and ask if he would do an exclusive shirt, just for us?!'"

Taggart agreed to work with Napalm Death for the best possible reason. "They're the heaviest motherfuckers ever," he proclaimed. Truth! [Via Press Release]

Porcupine Tree
are gearing up to release Octane Twisted, a double-disc live set recorded at The Riviera Theater in Chicago, Illinois and the Royal Albert Hall, London, U.K. It drops Nov. 20.

Octane Twisted consists of side 1 of The Incident – the band's tenth studio album – live in its entirety recorded in Chicago. The second CD contains five Porcupine Tree tracks also recorded in Chicago, along with three highlights from the band's landmark show at Royal Albert Hall. The special edition version of Octane Twisted comes with a bonus DVD of the Chicago performance. [Via Press Release]

Want to listen to Ill Nino's new album Epidemia? It's streaming in full in advance of the release, so you can take it all in! The album drops on October 22, so give it a good, long listen ahead of the retail date. [Loudwire]

The new A Life Once Lost song called "Empty Form" from their upcoming album, Ecstatic Trance, is streaming now. Turn up the knobs and immerse yourself in the Philly area band's latest slab of noise.[Stereo Killer]

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