Clutch just dropped a crushing live video for the song 'Crucial Velocity' from their latest album 'Earth Rocker.' The clip captures the band doing what it does best and that's perform live.

If you've seen Clutch live before, you know that they bring it, every single time. If you've not yet had the pleasure, well, then, pull up a chair and enjoy. Go ahead, step into their world.

Frontman Neil Fallon and his bandmates don't move much and save for some lights, the production is fairly pared down and simple. But Clutch don't need a ton of extras to make excess points. Clutch exist to rock your world with their live prowess and that's exactly what you get here.

Despite the song title, there is not a lot of quick movement or fast, frenetic camera work in the video. In fact, there are points, namely when the crowd is zeroed in on, that feel almost slow-mo.

The video, directed by Aisha Tyler, gives you a taste of what it's like to take in a Clutch gig. These Maryland/West Virginia rockers have been doing their thing for decades and this video makes us happy that they still have plenty of high octane gas in the tank.

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