Truthfully, when the majority of people think of metal music, God is probably the last thing that comes to mind. Heavy music is all about Satan and demons, right? While there is some accuracy to that stereotype, it’s also true that some of the best hard rock and metal bands are actually faith-based.

Christian music tends to be kept in a category all its own, but the bands on this list have broken those boundaries. You don’t have to be Christian to genuinely enjoy bands such as August Burns Red and Norma Jean even if you don’t agree with their worldviews. These bands aren’t just run-of-the-mill acts, either; many of them are frontrunners and trendsetters in their genre.

10 Christian Hard Rock + Metal Bands That Absolutely Rage

10 Rock + Metal Bands That Started Out Christian But Aren't Anymore

There's the Father, the Son, the Spirit… and the rock. But not every rock and metal group that started its career as Christian stays that way — such as the following examples.

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