Hellyeah's Chad Gray recently launched a new website leading to speculation that a solo record was en route. Now there's confirmation that the new music he promised is indeed a solo piece and not tied to Hellyeah or his previous band Mudvayne. Fans will get their first taste of his solo music this Friday (March 12) when his cover "Always on My Mind" drops, but he just issued a new teaser to build anticipation.

In a recent blog posting, Gray confirmed his solo intentions, stating, "I’ve been working on some new stuff that’s just me (no band), a cover that no one is gonna see coming (that I actually did for my wedding) the song and video are coming very soon."

It appears as though the cover is the oft-covered Willie Nelson-penned classic "Always on My Mind" and judging by the brief teaser below Gray relies heavy on the piano with a little bit of his own stamp on the arrangement.

The clip also appears to showcase a beautiful beach wedding with vivid colors and closeups of the flowers eventually leading to a pullback of the bride and groom. As stated, "Always on My Mind" is set to arrive this Friday. But to get your first taste check out the teaser video below and you can pre-save the track here.

Chad Gray, "Always on My Mind" Teaser Video

In other Chad Gray news, as recently revealed he launched a new website and one of the prominently featured items on the site offered fans a chance to join Gray for a virtual meet-n-greet. That option has gotten off to a solid start for the musician who weighed in with news that some of the money paid for the meet-n-greet was going to a good cause.

"Just want to take a second and say thank you to all my Metal kids that have booked meet n greets. I was able to make a donation to MusiCares and to make sure my guys got some loot! I surprised them all with a little green and they were all super stoked and it helped them so much! So from all them and myself thank you, thank you, thank you! I’d still like to give them more so keep on booking!"

He added, "It’s so nice to be able to catch up with everyone and see how your doing through these very difficult times. I miss my Metal family so this has helped me very much. I’ve decided to change the charity to something that I believe in as much as MusiCares and that is @nokidhungry."

He explained, "Every month for years I’ve been making a donation to them and @stjude children’s cancer research Because FUCK CANCER!!! and FUCK CHILDREN BEING HUNGRY!!! No kid hungry is very close to my heart because there was a time in my life when I was that hungry kid. The one meal that I could count on was was my school lunch. And now with kids being out of school they may be missing that meal and that bothers me. So I want to make a donation to them in the name of all the metal kids in my life. This organization is pretty amazing. $1 can feed 10 KIDS! So awesome. So if you wanna do a meet n greet with me some of that money will go to them. And even if you don’t want to do a meet n greet please go to their website and make a donation. No matter how small. Every little bit helps."

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