Turn this up! Cavalera Conspiracy continue to build toward the release of their latest effort Psychosis by unleashing yet another brutally heavy new track, "Spectral War."

The sibling rockers kick off their new song with a bit of psychedelic heaviness, back masking the sound of Iggor Cavalera's drums feverishly pounding away behind the kit, accentuated by gritty guitar work that cuts through even when played backwards. After that trippy opening, things are turned back in the right direction, with the guitars and drums becoming even more prominent. Simply put, Iggor's double kick capabilities get a full workout on this track. Save for a dark and moody mid-song breakdown, "Spectral War" is a pit-starting banger from the gates of hell showcasing the band in peak form.

"Spectral War" follows on the heels of the frenetic rocker "Insane," a song that the band released earlier this month. You can hear that song here. Both tracks are featured on the Psychosis album, a disc that frontman Max Cavalera has called "pure thrash madness" and "a beast of an album."

This intense collection of music was produced by longtime friend Arthur Rizk in Phoenix, and it's now set for a Nov. 17 street date via Napalm Records. You can pre-order the album in digital and physical formats. As of yet, no touring has been announced, but stay tuned for when dates are revealed.

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