When Cavalera Conspiracy hit the scene with their monstrous debut 'Inflikted' in 2008, it almost seemed unreal. After years of fighting between Max and Iggor Cavalera, the two brothers buried the hatchet that caused Max to split from Sepultura so many years ago. Cavalera Conspiracy were unleashed in a violent firestorm of riffs that felt like a merciless call to arms, and the foursome will release their sophomore effort, 'Blunt Force Trauma,' in March 2011.

With Max ever busy with Soulfly and Igor heavily involved in Mixhell, his electronic duo with his wife, it's surprising that the band found time to conceive 'Blunt Force Trauma.' But that's actually always been the point of the band: no stress, no deadlines. When the metal gods allow for Cavalera Conspiracy to take form, they will.

Originally hoped to be released this year, 'Blunt Force Trauma' is fully finished. It was record by Logan Mader (ex-Machine Head/Soulfly guitarist) and co-produced by Max. The band has already been playing songs live, like the abrasive album opener 'Warlord' that's making its ways around the Internet.

Filling out the lineup for 'Blunt Force Trauma' are guitarist Marc Rizzo of Soulfly and Fireball Ministry bassist Johny Chow, replacing Joe Duplantier -- who was unable to juggle the band's touring demands with that of his other band, Gojira.

'Blunt Force Trauma' track list

1. 'Warlord'

2. 'Torture'

3. 'Lynch Mob'

4. 'Killing Inside'

5. 'Thrasher'

6. 'I Speak Hate'

7. 'Target'

8. 'Genghis Khan'

9. 'Burn Waco'

10. 'Rasputin'

11. 'Blunt Force Trauma'

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