Travis Ryan is your hero of the day! After finding that a Christian fundamentalist Facebook page had used Cattle Decapitation’s Monolith of Inhumanity album cover for a creationist meme, Ryan went on attack mode, using one of the Ten Commandments to make his point.

In an Aug. 2 post by True Biblical Christians, the group quoted two Bible passages and claimed, “If evolution was real, the millions of years of raw meat would’ve given us predator teeth.”

Facebook: True Biblical Christians

Not the most solid argument, but Travis Ryan took offense to more than just the post’s language. In a comment, Ryan went nuclear on them… “motherf—king biblically.”

Hi. I’m Travis. I’m the one who commissioned that art piece you stole for your dissemination of your little fairy tale. It’s by the artist Wes Benscoter. It seems, per usual, you people cannot follow your own bible. Remember “THOU SHALL NOT STEAL”? You can’t even get that one right. You are garbage. Your religion is on the top of the garbage heap of organized world religions similar to that monolith there which represents the ills of humanity. That’s you. That’s your man-made nonsense. You are thieves. You are garbage. You will always be garbage. Remember that.

Facebook: True Biblical Christians

Ryan’s brutality seemed to do the trick, as the True Biblical Christians post has since been deleted.

You can catch Cattle Decapitation opening for Suffocation later this year, as Suffo vocalist Frank Mullen celebrates his final tour with the band.

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