Where Are They Now?

Where Are They Now? Kevin Crowley of The Abused and NYHC Artist
At this point in time, the American hardcore punk scene of the early '80s is finally being recognized as one of the most important cultural explosions of the past few decades. The music by such bands as Black Flag, Negative Approach, Minor Threat and Agnostic Front not only charged up kids around the country to get off their disaffected asses and start up similar groups, but there was also a good
Where Are They Now? Dan Clements of Excel
Next to Suicidal Tendencies, Excel is still hailed as Venice, California's best-known hardcore thrash band. Now, a decade and a half after calling it quits, they're back to business – and business feels pretty damn good. "It's not a reunion as much as it's a 'reunification'," says vocalist Dan Clements. "We'...
Where Are They Now? Vixen Drummer Roxy Petrucci
Roxy Petrucci has devoted her life to the rock 'n' roll cause. The Michigan native first burst onto the international radar as a member of Madam X, a metal band the drummer co-founded with her vocalist sister, Maxine. Their 1984 We Reserve the Right album featured "High in High School," an anthem that didn't become a massive hit, but is still beloved by cultist hard rock and metal fans a
Where Are They Now? Chris Kontos of Machine Head
Not only has Chris Kontos been a fixture on the Bay Area scene as skin-basher for the likes of Machine Head and Testament (just to name a few), he's also made it his mission to aid refugees escape oppression – simply for the music they listen to. He's ...
Where Are They Now? Rob Grad of Kik Tracee
For a brief moment in the early '90s, many rock insiders predicted huge things for Kik Tracee. The Los Angeles melodic rock group had already conquered their famously competitive local club circuit and signed a record deal with RCA. Their debut album, 1991's No Rules, featured hook-heavy rockers like "Trash City" and its title track, but Kik Tracee offered many more sonic treats... Read
Where Are They Now? Jonah Jenkins of Only Living Witness
As far as metal's unsung heroes go, Jonah Jenkins is legendary. As the sonorous voice behind Only Living Witness he was an architect of the shape of hardcore to come. Witness infused the then-lunkheaded Boston hardcore sect with melody and introspection that their peers sorely lacked...
Where Are They Now? Chris Poland of Megadeth
Megadeth has always had a legacy of talent, triumph and tribulation. Every former member has a litany of tales to tell and guitarist Chris Poland is no exception. Alongside of Dave Mustaine, Poland helped define the sounds of modern metal with 85's Killing Is My Business...

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