Currently Carnifex are out on the Atticus Metal Tour along side Unearth, Stick to Your Guns and Veil of Maya. But with 'Hell Chose Me' freshly out, vocalist Scott Lewis admitted to Noisecreep that if it was up to him, the band would only be playing material from this album, which is their third. "That's all we want to play," he grinned, as if the band had just left the studio. "We will definitely be playing old tracks, but were much more excited to play stuff that's more fresh, stuff that we feel is our best to date."

Carnifex's newest material is a bit of step away from their normal fare. The defined deathcore and breakdown-laden songs are there, but only at a minimal level. 'Hell Chose Me' is a bullet train through a graveyard kind of a record, and Lewis is hoping for more circle pits than mosh pits when they debut these songs live on the tour.

The band worked with engineer Zack Ohren on this one, who Lewis explained didn't want to have the band make a record they couldn't pull off live. "He was a big believer in play what you can play," Lewis said. "I don't want to make some ridiculous record on the computer basically and then play it live and it sounds like s---. Some bands go over the top in the studio, and you hear it live and think, 'I don't remember the CD sounding like that.'"

Comparing this album with their last album, 'The Diseased and the Poisoned,' which the band spent barely a month writing, Lewis sees the difference. To him, it's huge. "I don't want to take anything away from that record, but for us, that was a pretty stressful time," Lewis recalls. "We had just gotten off of a tour and we just had about four weeks." When the time was up the band went out on the road again. "We did the best we could with the time we had, but that record was definitely the first draft. Which for anyone in any type of creative writing or music, you look at what you started with and what you refined it to, and it's a huge difference."

Lewis assures that the band will return to the relaxed style that gave them 'Hell Chose Me' for the next album.

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