As the Slayer, Testament and Carcass tour winds down, Carcass frontman Jeff Walker will be gritting it out for the remainder of the dates after suffering a broken foot. Performing through the injury in Seattle on March 19, the band apologized to their fans for Walker's "lackluster" efforts, offering photographic evidence to explain.

The news came through the Carcass Facebook page where they uploaded four photos and stated, "Sorry for Walker's lackluster performance in Seattle last's the reason why! Talk about "break a leg".....just a poor man's Dave Grohl!!!!! OUCH!!!!!" Two images of the broken paw (seen below) show a wrap around the foot at first and then a cast that cuts off right under the knee. Also attached is a picture of the medical explanation (photo below), detailing that Walker broke his proximal fifth metatarsal and a piece off the cuboid bone.

Of course, Carcass are no strangers to medical terminology, having poured through textbooks in search of lyrics in their early days. Walker was instructed not to put any weight on his foot, so it remains to be seen if the band will continue to roll with the Dave Grohl jokes and construct a throne for the frontman to sit upon while tearing through cuts like "Incarnated Solvent Abuse" and "Cadaver Pouch Conveyor System."

Touring will conclude on March 26 and the death metal outfit has already promised fans they intend on seeing the finish line. When asked if they'll still be performing in Bakersfield , Calif. on March 25, Carcass replied, "Yes of course - just don't go expecting any David Lee Roth kicks and jumps...well maybe still from Benjamin Ash."

Carcass have shown no sign of slowing down, touring relentlessly behind 2013's comeback effort, Surgical Steel. While fans have been anxious to see the band return to the studio to work on a successor to their well-received comeback, Walker and guitarist Bill Steer have been reluctant to give a timetable regarding new material.

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