UPDATE: Bullet for My Valentine have announced they are pushing back the release of their self-titled album to Nov. 5. In a statement posted to their socials, the group revealed, "Important update here regarding the release of our 7th studio album.
Unfortunately due to covid related manufacturing delays, we have no choice but to push back the release of our self titled record to November 5th. It's important for us that you all be given the opportunity to experience this album at the same time, so as disappointing as it is to have to wait a little longer, we promise you it will be worth it. We want to thank you all for showing your support for this record so far! Stay tuned for more exciting news coming this week.

Bullet For My Valentine will release their self-titled new album in October and in advance of the record, they've issued a music video for the ultra heavy new song "Knives."

The album has been in the works for at least two years and frontman Matt Tuck had previously stated that the material was shaping up to be a mix of the group's last two recordsVenom and Gravity, while also promising fans would be bestowed with a "brutal" and "technical" effort.

With "Knives" as evidence, Bullet For My Valentine more than delivered in regards to brutality and technicality. Take a listen toward the bottom of the page.

"I think it’s the most ferocious side of Bullet For My Valentine that I’ve ever known," lead guitarist Michael 'Padge' Paget boasted in reference to the song. "It’s time for us to put out a really angry, heavy, aggressive record. I just can’t wait to grimace on stage!"

Tuck, also energized by the band's full-tilt approach here, added "I wanted to come out guns blazing, fucking middle fingers flying and just go for the throat. I think this is a far more aggressive, intense part of Bullet For My Valentine. It’s always been there, I’ve just never opened the floodgates on it. I want to take people’s heads off, in a metaphorical way."

Bullet For My Valentine, which was produced by Carl Brown (Venom producer, Gravity mixer) and recorded at Treehouse Studio, will be released on Oct. 22 through Spinefarm Records/Search & Destroy and pre-orders can be placed here.

To see the artwork and complete track listing, head further down the page.

Bullet For My Valentine, "Knives" Lyrics

Let the madness begin

Living with snakes
Feeding the hate
Kill the betrayal
Shedding of skin
Bitter within
Cower in shame
Venomous tongue
Blacken the lungs
Inducing the pain

Inducing the pain
Constant pushing provoking reactions

Bring out the knives
To cut and divide
Another scar for memory
Bring out the knives
To cut and divide
Let em bleed watch em burn in the fire

Digging a hole
Bury the trust
Lay it to rest
Swallow the dirt
Breathe in the dust
Savour the taste
Hammer the nails
Nothing to save
Walking away

Walking away from
Constant screaming provoking its madness

Breaking apart
Torn at the seems
Sanity fails
Dragged from the edge
Pushed into hell
Never again

So keep on digging your own grave
I see the panic it’s sickening
You’re not a saint not a slave
Now just focus on the pain
I hear the voices they’re calling
To sever forever insanity

You’re not a saint you’re a slave

Just swallow the dirt
And breathe in the dust
Now savour the taste
No walking away
No walking away
Bring out the knives

Bullet For My Valentine, "Knives" Music Video

Bullet For My Valentine, Bullet For My Valentine Artwork + Track Listing

Bullet For My Valentine, 'Bullet For My Valentine'
Spinefarm Records / Search & Destroy

01. "Parasite"
02. "Knives"
03. "My Reverie"
04. "No Happy Ever After"
05. "Can’t Escape The Waves"
06. "Bastards"
07. "Rainbow Veins"
08. "Shatter"
09. "Paralysed"
10. "Death By A Thousand Cuts"

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