There’s a brutal metal vocalist in Turkey who dared to perform gutturals on national television, adding death metal vocals to her cover of Madonna’s “Frozen,” much to the delight and shock of judges.

You may be familiar with Anahid M.O.P., an Iranian vocalist known for busking death metal in public. She appeared on singing competition show Benimle söyle, Turkey’s version of the British program All Together Now.

Benimle söyle is just like any other ‘Idol’ type show, but instead of just three or four judges, a total of 100 music experts and performers are in control. The goal is to keep all 100 judges from hitting their “stop singing now I’m f**king done with you” button, with contestants accumulating points based on how many judges were impressed by their talents.

Anahid M.O.P. switched between clean singing and gutturals while performing Madonna’s “Frozen,” ultimately securing approval from 68 of the 100 judges. Anahid bowed in respect after receiving her score, seemingly happy with the result of her unconventional cover.

Watch Anahid M.O.P. perform a metallic version of Madonna’s “Frozen” in the video below.

Benimle Söyle Yeni Sezon FOX TV - Anahid M.O.P Türkiye'de Brutal Metal Performansı - Zombi Sesi Kız

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