Death metallers Broken Hope have a free gift for you and trust us -- it's a 'Ghastly' one. The band is offering the track 'Ghastly' from its new album 'Omen of Disease,' out Oct. 1 via Century Media, as a free download.

Head over here to grab your free download in exchange for your email address. Yes, it's just that easy. But before you do, find out why the band has chosen this particular gore-splattered track as a free treat for fans.

Guitarist Jeremy Wagner stated, "I'm really excited to have 'Ghastly' released as a free download for the world -- our gift to you. I have to say, ‘Ghastly’ is one of my favorite tracks from the 'Omen of Disease' album!" This is the first album of new music from the band in 15 years, so indulge in a new track.

He further delved into details behind the song, admitting, "As I wrote the music on this song, I took riffs I'd been saving for a while, combined them with new death metal ideas, and sewed the whole thing together to make for one of our sickest and most relentless musical tracks."

On the lyrical level, Wagner said, "I wrote about an unfortunate person who was born so physically repulsive from head-to-toe/inside-and-out, that the mere sight of the hideous form could almost blind and nauseate you. Like a Gorgon, but even more horrific. Hence the line: 'Ghastly...a horrid blight upon the eyes.' With ‘Ghastly’ and ‘The Flesh Mechanic’, I think these tunes will give everyone a good idea of what to expect from the entire 'Omen of Disease' album. Enjoy!"

Have at it. Start the weekend off right with this free track.

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