Brian "Head" Welch shocked the metal community when he exited Korn, the multi-platinum band that blew the doors open for the nu metal era, in 2005. The guitarist, who had been with the band 12 years, embarked on a solo career, releasing 'Save Me From Myself' last year, in addition to his intense pursuit of spiritual endeavors.

"The most valuable thing I've learned is love. I've learned to receive love from and to love God in return," Head told Noisecreep. "I've learned to love my daughter better and I'm still growing at becoming a better father. I screw up at being a parent all the time. I've learned to love myself and feed my mind, heart and body with good things and I've learned to forgive myself and others for the wrong things we've all done. I've learned all this stuff while still being a freaky, wild, tattooed, heavy metal, screaming fool, too!"

He claimed he is fully happy with his decision and does not consider a return to the band that made him famous, saying, "If I ever felt God lead me back to Korn for some reason, I'd go." Head will embark on a tour this summer and said that fans can expect "craziness yo! I did my first show in Phoenix last weekend and it was nuts. Besides the normal crowd, the promoter bused in a bunch of drug-addicted kids that lived on the streets and you could see them change right before your eyes. They were jumping up and down. At the end of the show, we all shouted together like an army, 'Jesus Christ, change me. Make me a new person.'"

Head also shared the story of overcoming drug addiction with the crowd before launching into the title track. "That was emotional and there were a lot of tears," he recalled. "Overall, it's a very draining experience, with kids jumping up and down, sweating, crying, hugging and screaming for change. It's like a huge heavy metal party with God." Head's proof that you can rock righteously. The tour kicks off May 14 in Colorado Springs.

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