Rocker Bret Michaels' $5 million civil suit against Syracuse, N.Y. promoter Michael Banks has been dismissed by a federal judge. In his suit, Michaels claimed he did not know his Aug. 2010 concert at the Central New York Regional Market was canceled until his tour bus arrived at the venue.

Michaels' last minute cancellation claim did not convince U.S. District Judge David Hurd, who said the rocker was fully aware that Banks and his company Aloha Events LLC were trying to secure funding for the concert. Hurd added that the singer "came up fully aware that there was not going to be a concert taking place that evening," and he ordered the suit against Banks and his company to be completely dismissed on Aug. 8.

A default judgment in 2011 was issued against Banks, ordering him to pay Michaels $95,000 and fully refund the ticket buyers for the show. In an interview with CNY Central, the promoter said that although his company doesn't have the funds to pay for the 2011 judgement, they are still responsible to pay Michaels the sum. Ticket buyers also had their money refunded as Banks worked with the Attorney General's office to get the matter resolved.

"It's bittersweet," added Banks. "I don't know if I won, I didn't lose is a better way of putting it. I'm thankful it is over."

As for Michaels, he's still dabbling in television, as he's the host of the Travel Channel show 'Rock My RV.'