How do you get one of the biggest actors in the world to star in your video? Easy. Just get a song in his next movie. Breaking Benjamin's new single, 'I Will Not Bow' from their forthcoming album, 'Dear Agony,' due Sept. 29, got placed in the Bruce Willis action sci-fi thriller 'Surrogates,' which hits theaters on the Sept. 25. The video features performance shots of the Pennsylvania rock band interspersed with footage from the film.

"The people from the movie heard that song, and they thought it was good for the movie. So it all came together at once," says Breaking Benjamin guitarist Aaron Fink.

"It's a great rock song. It's our heaviest single that we've ever put out." The song wasn't written for the film, however Fink says, "It's a coincidence, but [singer Benjamin Burnley] says 'fall' a lot in the song, and in the movie the surrogates fall down or they're shut off or something."


He actually hasn't seen the movie yet. "You'd think that they would give us a sneak peak. We got nothing," he laughs. "I will probably go see it. It's in the end credits. That's what they tell us."

The band just got the final mixes back for 'Dear Agony,' but the single was recorded and mixed two months ago. "The way Hollywood Records works, at least with us, on all the albums they've identified a single. And then we recorded that first and then shipped that off to them, and they can start hyping that up while we finish the rest of the record," explains Fink.

The downside, of course, is that other songs on the album might emerge as better single contenders. "Listening to the record, I think that there's other, bigger songs," says Fink.

How does the band -- which also includes bassist Mark Klepaski and drummer Chad Szeliga -- decide on song placements? Do they care if the film might suck, or do they think, 'This is a big Hollywood action film. It's a great opportunity?'

"I think the latter," says Fink. "Anything with Bruce Willis is gonna do well, at least the first week or so. He's got a lot of street cred. He's not like a cheesy guy who has been at it for a while. He's a great actor and he's pretty cool."

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