Killer lyrics: All the judgments / All the wars / All the rivalry we face / Is leaking on the floor

"'Now Arise' is about rising above the situations of your life and taking control," say Joe Buras, keyboardist for progressive deathcore band Born of Osiris. The lines are taken from their new release on Sumerian Records, entitled 'A Higher Place,' and the idea is to embrace a persevering nature in the face of adversity. Vocalist Ronnie Canizaro expresses the desire to turn a bad situation over into something positive in the song: 'Burn this place so we can celebrate / A start of a brand new day.'

In fact, the theme of the song relates strongly to the album's actual title. Buras lends more input: "Living with rivals and at the end of the day -- even when people f--- up your flow -- you still are in a higher place then them."