One of the bands leading the charge in the increasingly popular technical metal genre is Born of Osiris. The Illinois group first turned heads when their sophomore album, 2009's 'A Higher Place,' entered the Billboard charts at number 73. It's not every day that an album stuffed to the gills with progressive rhythmic workouts and death metal vocals sells over 6,000 copies, let alone in just one week. Next week, Born of Osiris will be releasing 'The Discovery,' their highly anticipated third album.

Always on the hunt for hot song exclusives, Noisecreep is thrilled to bring you the world premiere of 'Two Worlds of Design' from the 'The Discovery.' We also spoke with Born of Osiris guitarist Lee McKinney to see how much tech we could expect on the new album.

On 'The Discovery,' you worked with Don "dB" Byczynski, who has worked with a really wide range of artists in the past [Blue October, the Atomic Fireballs].

Well, we produced the record ourselves. The original spot we were going to record at fell through, so Don came in when we needed a place to track and offered his facilities. He then engineered the record. He's a great dude and has helped us out a lot. Working with him was easy. He not only pressed the record for us, but he kept our files organized and was super helpful when we needed something from him during the mixing process. We owe him one!

Listen to 'Two Worlds of Design'

One of the things that comes to mind when we think of Born of Osiris is the technicality of the playing and arrangements. For this record, did you tone that part of your sound down, or did you dial it up?

I would say it's more and less at the same time. The instrumentals are more technical, as far as playing each part. As for structure and arrangements, we tried to organize our songs a little better. We wanted to bring back key parts and have more structure in our songs. That being said, these songs are still by far harder to play than any of our other material. We really pushed ourselves with this one.

You have a large fan base now, so expectations are high. Did you feel any pressure while writing the new record?

It was very easy for us. A year and a half ago we moved into a house together and that really helped the creative process. Our approach to writing is for fun and is a year-round process. We don't write when we need to, we just write every chance we get when we are off tour. As long as we keep growth on our mind, we feel every release will just get better and better. We already have new songs written and 'The Discovery' isn't even out yet [laughter].

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