There has been plenty of talk of late about the status of Ratt, which is currently touring with drummer Bobby Blotzer and a recently overhauled lineup. While the group has kept up a solid tour schedule, Blotzer's estranged classic-era bandmates have stirred up speculation of a reunion after posting for a photo together at a Los Angeles birthday party. But during a recent appearance on the Eddie Trunk Live radio show, Blotzer says that talk of a reunion by his estranged mates that would compete with his own Ratt brand would be "absurd."

The drummer told Trunk (as transcribed by Blabbermouth), "It's absurd. It ain't gonna happen. Warren [DeMartini] can't do that. If Warren was to join up in that thing, he would be in competition with his own band and corporation — Ratt, WBS… Ratt. He would be kicked out on his rear end so quick… They'd have to call it something else; they couldn't call it anything but something else."

The "WBS" that Blotzer is referring to is the corporation the band started years ago to oversee their affairs. Vocalist Stephen Pearcy lost his rights in the corporation a while back, and when Warren DeMartini decided not to tour, Blotzer moved to take controlling interest in the name and band operations. So far, he's been able to perform under the Ratt name and has emerged victorious as DeMartini has fought to keep Blotzer from using the moniker.

As for the court battle with DeMartini, Blotzer stated, "He's not moving forward, he's moving backwards, and it's gonna be a year and a half soon [since he filed his lawsuit], and this thing [the court case] ain't gonna see the light of day — if it makes it to the light of day — 'till, I don't know… '18 or something stupid. I'm not a litigious kind of guy. I'm not looking for f--king lawsuits; I hate it. I hate it. Ratt has been embroiled and tangled… Since Out Of The Cellar came out, we always were being sued, and we were always paying fortunes to fight things and settle things instead of paying the lawyers."

Blotzer stated during the interview that the biggest issue for him has been the other members deciding to either step away from the band or go on extended breaks. The drummer stated that reclaiming a stake in the name was part of the reason Juan Croucier and Stephen Pearcy exited their most recent reunion, and he adds that was something he was open to discussing. But he added, "I want everybody to get for life ... even if you can't play, you broke your back, whatever. But you've gotta put your time in and not do two tours and quite and think you're gonna walk out owning the name. That's the position I came from. Give seven years of solid touring with no f--kups and you get what you want, and we all get what we want, which is to play together."

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