Artist: Bloody Hammers

From: Charlotte, N.C.

Song: "Witch of Endor"

Album: Bloody Hammers

RIYL: Electric Wizard, Type O Negative, Acid Bath

About the song:

"The song idea for 'Witch of Endor' came from that classic story in the first book of Samuel about the conjuring Witch. I'm not a big reader of Christian stories, but I remembered that one and always thought it was pretty wicked twisted. Next came the riff, and it all came together perfectly. I still get all goose bumpy when we play it."

-Bloody Hammers bassist/vocalist Anders Manga

Listen to 'Witch of Endor'

Described as "an addictive album with a retro edge that appeals to both the Nick Cave and Black Sabbath sides of the brain," Bloody Hammers was recorded and produced by Manga at North Carolina's Greystone Studios.

Bloody Hammers will hit stores on Nov. 23 via Soulseller Records and can be pre-ordered at this link.

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