Blink-182 have been forced to cancel their upcoming tour dates due to a medical emergency. Drummer Travis Barker had to undergo an tonsillectomy and even posted copious updates about the procedure and his progress on his Twitter feed, which is the 2012 digital equivalent of a doctor's note!

The kit minder is in some serious pain while her recovers, posting: "My throat still feels like I'm swallowing broken f------ glass. Looking forward 2 this being over with. #Day6." Ouch. That doesn't sound fun. At all.

He also tweeted "My throat is still bleeding from getting my tonsils yanked" in response to a fan asking why a gig was canceled.

Barker, who survived a plane crash in 2008, did share that he is enjoying green tea ice cream three times a day to help cool and heal his aching throat, which is one small perk of the recovery process and period.

The band has had to can its May tour dates, including a stop at the Bamboozle fest in New Jersey on May 19, as well as other dates in the U.S. and Canada.

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The group posted a quick apology note to its fans on its website, which read: "The band apologizes for any inconvenience as a result of these cancellations and thanks their fans for their ongoing support." Some dates are being rescheduled, others are not. So check the site for details.

Get better soon, Travis.

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