OK, the band playing in a warehouse scenario has been done death in music videos, but it's constantly revisited for reasons beyond the affordability of renting the space. Sure, it captures a confined intensity, but it's time to take that cold-walled intensity and expand on it. And if there is anyone who can do this, it's Darren Doane (the man behind the lens in videos for Deftones, Norma Jean and As I Lay Dying). The concept for the video of 'What's Left of Me' from Blessthefall takes the sterile aspect of the warehouse out and trades it for a sound stage filled with a crew just as intense as the band.

"The idea was out of the box for sure," Blessthefall drummer Matt Traynor tells Noisecreep. "It was a music video of a music video being shot. You saw all the cameras, workers, trolleys, lights and cords." Traynor held no doubts in Doane capturing the passion of this fan-favorite track from their October release, 'Witness.' "I knew it would be awesome."

The video shows the band playing with the unleashed aggression you normally see on stage -- but coupled with camera shakes and blurred closeups while the crew shuffles in their own action shots. "As the viewer, you get a behind the scenes look of us shooting a music video. It was all performance, so you got to see all the rockin' out and all of Darren's faces from behind his camera shooting us," says Traynor. "It was a blast."

Watch for the director guiding and controlling the lights as a conductor as he shoves hand-held cameras in band members' faces. "Darren Doane is the man with the plan," Traynor intones.

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